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Welcome to our little paradise just 15 minutes away from Toulouse downtown. Enjoy the terrific background with a stunning view over the Pyrenees’s chain.

we teach beginners

Our Technique

You have never waterskied nor wakeboarding? Don’t be worry we’ll have you sorted out. We have all the perfect equipment to suit you best and get your first feeling on the water a success.

the boom

let’s get you started on the lateral boom, success guaranteed!

all ages

From young ages to mature people, the fun is for every body.

have fun with us

Our events


Let us guide you for your first time on the water. We have a boom (lateral of the boat) to help you out if you feel the need and get more confident. We'll go then directly behind the boat with the rope. If you are an accomplished skier no need of the boom.


Wakeboarding is what snowboarding is to the snow. Skaters, Surfers will love it ! Learn from how to kick a wake to get your head upside down in a flip. You get your adrenaline with the event by throwing big jumps and getting into rotations.


Are you into speed, gliding or adrenaline rush? Slalom waterskiing is exactly what you are looking for! Wether you are a truly beginner or you know how to carve $ signs on the water, we are here to assist you to get more of it.

what people say


I got my first ever waterski session at VS Ski School. I was able to get out of the water during my first session! Everything is there for your needs, from the equipment to the tips from the coach. The atmosphere is very welcoming. I highly recommend !

Morgan C.

Wakeboard is so much fun! My sister and I did a summer camp and we had a blast. We improved so much within a week. They even have wakeboard for kids. Hanging out with other persons from all around the world was so awesome. We even learnt English!

Paul R.

I have been skiing at VS for more than 15 years. I slalom just for fun, no competitions, but I love working on my technique and every year I add up my buoys count ! Getting closer and closer to run into 12 meters line. 

Laurence R.

move your body

waterskiing connects your body and soul

The feeling of gliding on the water is truly unique and must be experienced to be understood. In just 10 to 15 minutes, you’ll do so much that you’ll return to the dock relieved of your daily stress.


Some might think they are too young, too old, or not strong enough. We will show you that these are just beliefs. You can have fun on the water regardless of your age or fitness level. We have more than 30 years of experiences to assist you in your skiing journey.

get confident

Our Teacher

Vincent Soubiron, aka Vinney, has more than 25 years of global expertise. His coaching abilities, patience and dedication will help you feel comfortable and learn at your own pace. Vinney is always positive towards your success that will boost your confidence on and off the water. 

free your mind

let it flow


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Contact us to schedule your training sessions or to arrange an evaluation. We offer as well physical tests with our Sports Medicine experts, and Mental Preparation as well. 

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Phone & Whatsapp: 
+ 33 616350097 



900 Route de Muret – 31600 Seysses – France

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MON-FRI 07:00 – 21:00
SAT-SUN 9:00 – 19:00

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