Our sponsors

Connelly – In 1965 Connelly started selling wood skis out of a garage in Lake City, Washington. The goal was simple: To be the leader in quality products, innovation and customer satisfaction. For 43 years that has been the focus at Connelly Skis, Inc. We are proud to have invented many world first designs that are now standard in the industry. C.A.P.T. top water skis, shaped skis and Hinge Tech slalom bindings are just a few examples of products that we designed and produced before anyone else. Passion for the sport leads to innovation. Combine that passion with the experience and expertise of the hands that touch each slalom and jump ski that leave the Connelly factory and you have something very special. We take pride in our company and we stand behind our mission as we accomplish it every day, every year.

CWB Board – Last year we simply asked you to go out and ride our gear. Well, you did. We had another year of watching the hard work blossom into a brand that is filling board racks all over the world. This year is no different. We took our three pro-model boards to the shaping room. We also have designed a brand new Kink shape with some innovations that will make it change its ride with every tune. We took our industry leading boots to beauty school making them not only the best selling, but also the best looking. We created an unmatched fit to go along with the unmatched function of Hinge Tech. We have created a new wakesurf board to compliment our line that is now four boards deep. And that’s just the beginning….

Wakeye – the team at Wakeye has delivered an entirely different way to video your skiing.
We have worked with top class skiers to develop the best way to capture every ski run. So much went into the Wakeye so you could become the best skier you can possibly be. We also took the technology and experience we developed designing advanced multi-rotor airframes used for Aerial Photography & Aerial HD videos, and applied it to the Wakeye system. Whether you are training for an event or skiing just for fun, you need the best tools to become a better skier. Wakeye makes it easy to video record every ski run with your iPhone, share your skiing with friends, ski buddies and coaches and track your improvement in your video library.

CWB TV – Find all the latest CWB videos….

Proline – Proline is stoked to announce that we are the #1 rope and handle brand in the industry! We offer the most progressive line of wakeboard and water-ski specific handles and mainlines on the planet. By integrating the latest technology, we have developed the most innovative line of products to date! We used every available resource to design this year’s line with valuable input from our reps, pro-riders, pro-skiers, dealers, distributors, and of course our own R&D team. The result is line of wakeboard and water-ski specific handles and mainlines that has something to offer every level and style of rider or skier..

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